Fermented Radio playlist for 04/03/2020

Friday 10am to Noon

Live Remote in Quarantine from "The Fermented Bunker"

Denis McNamara joins today's program

Steve K playlist for 04/02/2020

Quarantunes as a musical diversion..a set of the great Santana band plus The Soul set at 10 with a Happy Birthday Marvin Gaye...stay stable PLEASE keep a safe distance at all times..Let's blunt & obliterate this curve together

Scotty O and the Beatles Show playlist for 04/02/2020

2 Hour Beatles special

1st hour Songs titles have the letter "One" in the title

2nd hour April Fools day song. 3 Letters (A Three letter song title themed set, and a few left over songs from last weeks quarantine playlist.

Uprising playlist for 04/01/2020

No fooling. This morning we celebrated the birthdays of masters Jimmy Cliff (1948) and Gil Scott-Heron (1949). We are all one. Stay home and wash your hands.

Blues At Dawn playlist for 04/01/2020


Jim Dexter playlist for 03/31/2020

Captain Phil phillin' in for Jim Dexter today! Here are some helpful links in this time of COVED-19

1-888-364-3065 Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) Hotline

Comments questions on my playlist music, would love to hear from you, feel free to email via the contact lick to your left and mention the dates and time of the show and also feel free to contact me via Captain Phil's Planet Facebook Page

Finn's Revolution playlist for 03/31/2020

Songs about being apart from each other, new music from Dylan, birthdays of Angus Young, Herb Alpert, Sasha Dobson and my lifelong crush Shirley Jones, as well as a farewell tip to Alan Merrill....

Cafe`Ali playlist for 03/31/2020

Soul Glo Bistro playlist for 03/30/2020

Over the Horizon fill in (DJ Bobby B)

Jazz On The Air playlist for 03/29/2020

with a little (A Lot) of patience and precise engineering in the WUSB studio. Without the Engineers(in separate control rooms), in the studio, these days and nights of WUSB Radio, would not be possible.
WUSB continues to bring the listening audience, Music, Talk, and Covid-19 information and Public Service Announcements.

This programming during the Covid-19 Pandemic and social distancing.

The Invisible Show playlist for 03/29/2020

【listen to the voices】

- The Invisible Man

No Apologies playlist for 03/28/2020

Hosted by Mr. Edison from the studio section of The Edison Library

Bob Duffy playlist for 03/28/2020

Bob Longman, fill

Last 45 min.s from the digital files of our CD library. Thanks to the Bradstock Chiefs, Emmanuel & Kyle, and Frank.