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Epoch playlist for 08/15/2014

Fill in 4 AM to 8 AM for Cool Down and Whatever Floats Your Boat

Epoch playlist for 08/14/2014

In The Court of the Crimson King Steven Wilson Remix. Discussing Robin Williams suicide with special guest Manny Erias.

Epoch playlist for 08/03/2014

AllOne CD Release party at the Velvet Lounge
Fill in 12 am Sunday morning.

Epoch playlist for 07/31/2014

Studio version of Rick Wakeman's Journey to the Centre of the Earth from the new box set. Some tracks from the new Yes and Opeth albums and an appearance by Derick and Stu from Aquacherry as well some guys from the South Shore music festival.

Epoch playlist for 07/27/2014

WUSB Alternatives 3AM - 6AM
Debut of recently released Jethro Tull - A Passion Play - An Extended Performance (Remixed by Steven Wilson from Porcupine Tree). Also remixed by Steven Wilson: King Crimson - Lizard. And a bit of a shout out to Colin from multiplemono who's celebrating his birthday at the Velvet Lounge.

Epoch playlist for 07/03/2014

Gamehendge July 4th Edition (Newly Abridged Remix)

This was a slightly shortened version of the Gamehendge remix I made for July 4th. Since I didn't have a 3 hour block I decided to shorten it for my 2 and a half hour show. It's similar the the full version except that I cut Icculus and used a shorter version of Wilson and a shorter version of Forbin/Mockingbird (but was incidently recorded on July 4th 2010). Also had to edit out some profanity since it was aired during the daytime hours.

Epoch playlist for 06/30/2014

Gamehendge overnight 4th July playlist 3 am to 6 am fill in for the Witching Hour.

This is a remix that I adapted from my earlier New Years Edition. I swapped out the New Years versions of Forbin/Mockingbird and Harpua with July 4th versions. I was hoping to get a 3 hour slot to air this on July 4th, but I was not able to secure one. Fortunately I was able to fill in for Witching Hour in June 30th. I plan on doing a shorter, cleaned up version on my regular timeslot.

Epoch playlist for 06/29/2014

8pm to 10pm fill in for Nightmare Aquarium

Epoch playlist for 06/19/2014

With Special Musical Guest Hypnosmoothie and guest DJ Rabia

Epoch playlist for 06/07/2014

7-9:30pm on WUSB alternatives

Epoch playlist for 06/05/2014

Rick Wakeman marathon

Epoch playlist for 05/22/2014

With Special Guests Hugo Lopez and Chris Covais of Mind Open

Epoch playlist for 04/24/2014

Genesis Mini-marathon 3-5pm

Epoch playlist for 04/10/2014

with special guest DJ, Rabia and special guest comedian Manny Erias

Epoch playlist for 04/03/2014

with special Guest Mind Open

Epoch playlist for 03/06/2014

With special guests Derrick and Seth from Aqua Cherry

Epoch playlist for 03/01/2014