Epoch Playlists

Epoch playlist for 07/03/2014

Gamehendge July 4th Edition (Newly Abridged Remix)

This was a slightly shortened version of the Gamehendge remix I made for July 4th. Since I didn't have a 3 hour block I decided to shorten it for my 2 and a half hour show. It's similar the the full version except that I cut Icculus and used a shorter version of Wilson and a shorter version of Forbin/Mockingbird (but was incidently recorded on July 4th 2010). Also had to edit out some profanity since it was aired during the daytime hours.

Epoch playlist for 06/30/2014

Gamehendge overnight 4th July playlist 3 am to 6 am fill in for the Witching Hour.

This is a remix that I adapted from my earlier New Years Edition. I swapped out the New Years versions of Forbin/Mockingbird and Harpua with July 4th versions. I was hoping to get a 3 hour slot to air this on July 4th, but I was not able to secure one. Fortunately I was able to fill in for Witching Hour in June 30th. I plan on doing a shorter, cleaned up version on my regular timeslot.

Epoch playlist for 06/29/2014

8pm to 10pm fill in for Nightmare Aquarium

Epoch playlist for 06/19/2014

With Special Musical Guest Hypnosmoothie and guest DJ Rabia

Epoch playlist for 06/07/2014

7-9:30pm on WUSB alternatives

Epoch playlist for 06/05/2014

Rick Wakeman marathon

Epoch playlist for 05/22/2014

With Special Guests Hugo Lopez and Chris Covais of Mind Open

Epoch playlist for 04/24/2014

Genesis Mini-marathon 3-5pm

Epoch playlist for 04/10/2014

with special guest DJ, Rabia and special guest comedian Manny Erias

Epoch playlist for 04/03/2014

with special Guest Mind Open

Epoch playlist for 03/06/2014

With special guests Derrick and Seth from Aqua Cherry

Epoch playlist for 03/01/2014


Epoch playlist for 02/20/2014

with Guests Nadia and Manny

Epoch playlist for 02/06/2014

2:30 PM - 5 PM
Web only broadcast (Tower frozen)

Epoch playlist for 01/23/2014

2:30 PM to 5:00 PM

Epoch playlist for 01/09/2014

2:30 PM to 5 PM

Epoch playlist for 12/26/2013

2 PM to 5 PM