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Sam Taylor's Blues playlist for 10/29/2010

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Link
Sam TaylorGood to YaSignaturewww.myspace.com
Joanne Shaw TaylorCan't Keep Living Like thisDiamonds in the dirt*www.pigs-ear.biz
JP BluesPoor Little Rich GirlI will not go quietly*www.jpblues.com
Robert CrayOne in the MiddleCookin in the Middle*www.robertcray.com
Joe Louis Walkeryour' gonna make me CryBlues Conspiracy*www.joelouiswalker.com
Ray baileyI'll Take Care of youResurrection*raybaileyblues.com
JP BLuesAs the Crow FliesI will not go Quietly*www.jpblues.com
Rob TognoniDark AngelTotally Live*www.robtognoni.com
Buddy GuyFive Long YearsDamn Right I got the Blueswww.buddyguy.com
Joanne Shaw TaylorDiamonds in the dirtDiamonds in the Dirt*www.pigs-ear.biz
JP BluesAs the Crow FliesI will Not Go Quietly*www.jpblues.com
Chris JamesMoney Don't Like MeGonna Boogie Anyway*www.thebluefour.com
John Lee HookerBig Legs Tight SkirtBest ofwww.johnleehooker.com
Sam TaylorDamn Your EyesVoice of the Blueswww.myspace.com
Ray BaileyMiss MeanResurrection*raybaileyblues.com
Joanne Shaw TaylorThe World and it's wayDiamonds in the Dirt*www.pigs-ear.biz
Freddie KingThe Sky is CryingKing of the Blueswww.friddieking.com
JP bluesWhen I'm BoredI will not go QUietly*www.jpblues.com
Caroline Aikeneverything can changeWelcome Home*www.carolineaiken.com