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The Spin Zone playlist for 07/07/2020

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
Joe Louis Walker |Everybody Wants A Piece Of You |Everybody Wants A Piece |
Joe Louis Walker |Do I Love Her |Everybody Wants A Piece Of You |
The Doors |Crossroads Medley |Live In Detroit |
James Lee Stanley |Hang Up And Drive |Without Susie |*
Michael Bruce |Born Screamer |Single |*
The Lewis And Clark Expedition |House Of My Sorrow |The Lewis And Clark Expedition |
The Lewis And Clark Expedition |Memorial To The American Indian |The Lewis And Clark Expedition |
Ken Bloom |Delta Blues |SIngle |*
Ringo Starr |Oh My My |Ringo |
Ringo Starr |Your Sixteen |Ringo |
Ringo Starr |Early 1970 |Blast From Your Past |
Nektar |Sky Writer |The Other Side |*
Stuart Markus |Cold Gray Spring |Single |*
Gathering Time |Get Together |Single |*
Thunderclap Newman |Something In The Air |Hollywood Dream |
Valerie Smith |From A Distance |Single |*
David WisemanI Aint Stayin' |I aint stayin*
Last Chance |Texas Size |Summer Again |*
Graham Bramblett |Tom T Hall T Shirt |The Great In Between |*
KC Groves |Northern Lights |Happy Little Trees |