WUSB Underwriting Form

WUSB-FM Radio 90.1FM and 107.FM Stony Brook N.Y. Ph : 631-632-6828 Please email this request form to Management@WUSB.fm with your request for underwriting and one of our staff will contact you.

Underwriting Agreement : Underwriting from businesses and supporters help fund WUSB non-commercial radio through donations of financial support or other compensation in exchange for on-air underwriting announcements. Note: Please make all checks out to : Stony Brook Foundation – WUSB.

Date _______________________

Business: _____________________________Contact name: ___________________________

Phone Number: (_____)____________Address: _____________________________________

Line 2: ________________________________________

City/Town: ______________________State: _______ Zip code: __________

Email: _________________________Website (optional): __________________________

WUSB Radio will broadcast underwriting announcements throughout the year as outlined in agreement in exchange for underwriting donation in the amount of $ _______________ Signature (Business Underwriter) ____________________________________________

Signature (WUSB Representative) ____________________________________ Standard Rate: $35.00 per mention or Special

Rates During Radiothon (For the Duration of 6 weeks)
$199- 1 mentions per week for our chosen time block (6 weeks)
$349- 2 mentions per week our chosen time block (6 weeks)
$599- 5 mentions per week our chosen time block (6 weeks)
$1099- 7 mentions per week our chosen time block (6 weeks)
$1499- 10 mentions per week & you pick the time of day (6 weeks)
$1999- 20 mentions per week & you are guaranteed drive times (6 weeks)

Time Block 1: 7am to 10am (Drive Time)T
ime Block 2: 10am to 2pm
Time Block 3: 2pm to 5pm
Time Block 4: 6pm to 8pm (Drive Time)
Time Block 5: 8pm to 11pm
Time Block 6: 11pm to 2am

Underwriting Announcement includes the following information: This __________________________(broadcast / show / program / special) has been underwritten/sponsored /supported by __________________________(Name of Business). They are located at ___________________________________(Address) They can be contacted for more information at ____________________________(Phone / Website / Email). WUSB radio thanks (Name Of Business) for its underwriting support. Underwriting rates and announcement scripts are negotiable but must adhere to FCC regulations for non-commercial radio announcements

WUSB 90.1 fm is a high-powered non-commercial college community radio station located on the campus of Stony Brook University in Stony Brook, NY. We broadcast live 24 hours a day from the 2nd floor of West Side Dining. The station personnel are comprised of students, faculty/staff, alumni and community members.

WUSB’s primary broadcast coverage area reaches from Western Nassau County to Suffolk’s East End and southern Connecticut. According to the most recent listener surveys, nearly 20,000 Long Island listeners tune into WUSB’s unique and live programming each hour according to 2017 Nielsen reports. Listeners can also enjoy WUSB over the Internet via our web site at www.wusb.fm.

WUSB is here to serve the community and campus with information on events, exposure to new music, news, expanding awareness to other cultures and to provide students with an understanding of radio. WUSB represents a wide variety of music, opinion, talk and local Stony Brook University Seawolves sports . WUSB freeform radio blends a diverse mix of entertainment and information programs and music ranging from pop,metal, classical, jazz,
ska, polka,rock,hip hop,indie,electronica,country ,Reggae ,Celtic,Italian,Chinese,African,Korean,hip-hop, folk and world music to news, talk and public affairs shows

WUSB-FM radio programs 168 hours/week of diverse and innovative information and entertainment programming. Over 160 student and community volunteers staff the station’s administrative, programming and operational areas.

WUSB Statistics
Data Collection from, Web Research, Nielsen, Caller Logs
Facebook Listener Fan Stats
Women 37%
Men 61%

∙ Summary for the WUSB Facebook Page: Over 4500 Likes
total Fans and over 1000 page visits per week.
∙ Radiothon pledge and individual community supporters yearly is over 1500 individual donors
∙ 40% of this number are on -line pledges, 20% other activities, 40% radiothon call in
∙ Online internet listenership averages 80 listeners per programming hour
∙ Nielsen Listings show WUSB has about 12,000- 20,000 listeners to the FM station during any given hour of programming.
∙ Daily listener, record label and other phone calls to the station and GM WUSB line are approx 150--- 200 a day determined from University call path processing reports.

We hope you will consider participating in WUSB-FM Radiothon as a Business Supporter or Underwriter.

Business Benefits of Donating to WUSB’s Fundraiser

Reach Potential Customers
o WUSB has a Long Island Listening Demographic (See Broadcast Coverage Map)
o potential 1,400,000 off-campus listeners in Suffolk County
o potential 20,000 on-campus listeners at Stony Brook University
o 100’s of Worldwide internet listeners
o Listing on Website,in Printed Programs,signage at WUSB hosted and partnered events.
On-Air Mentions Every time your donation is offered your business name will be mentioned.
o Your business name will be associated with WUSB and community educational radio.
o Listeners will hear your business name on the radio throughout the fundraising period.
Community Service Working with WUSB is a community service.
o Your donation will help support our Public Service Broadcasts.
o You are eligible for a WUSB nomination of most collaborative Business organization.
Thank You Premiums WUSB sends all donors premiums to thank them for their pledge of support.
o Please consider joining us by donating a gift certificate or other items for WUSB’s bi-annual radiothon fundraiser!The staff and listeners of WUSB radio station thank you! <3