Spiney Norman playlist for 07/28/2009

HecubaMiles Away*
UltravoxFrozen Ones
Los StraitjacketsSasquatch*
Mika MikoTurkey Barnyard Mix*
Mary Mondays and the BitchesPopgun
Rick Estrin and the Night CatsBig Foot*
Chris LigonHalf Wit*
LC McKinleyNit Wit
PicturesKicks and Tips
HeadacheCan't Stand Still
Shortwave SetGlitches n' Bugs
ButtstaekBugs Mr. Oswald. Zillions of 'em
UrinalsI'm a Bug
CherokeesBed Bug
Gene, The HatPass the Bug
JarmelsLittle Bug
The Seven TeensBug Out
Sharry StarlynLove Bug Itch
ExterminatorsBeatle Bomb
Sony Bloch's ElephantsBeetle Squash
Japanese BeatlesBeatles Song
Annie and the OrphansMy Girl's Been Bitten By the Beatle Bug
Lord FleaNaughty Little Flea
Lew WilliamsCentipede
Charlie GracieButterfly
Adam and the AntsAnt Invasion
ErsatzCock A Roach
Mask Man and the AgentsRoaches
TemptationsRoach's Rock
Blanchard and Misty MorganCock Roach Stomp
Court JestersRoaches
Gene and WendellRoach
Four PrepsSuzy Cockroach
Danny GuglielmiMosquito Festival
Iggy PopLoco Mosquito
Dennis AlcaponeMosquito One
Mad MagazineGreen Bee
WireI Am the Fly
CrampsHuman Fly
Y PantsThe Fly
MotionsBumble Bee '65
Kenny Henkle's FriendsThe Bee
Lou ChristieGuitars and Bongos
Annisteen AllenBongo Boogie
AnnieBongo Song
Joe Hall and the CorvettesBongo Beatin' Beatnick
Erik and Ryan KilkennyBongo Avenger
Danny Kaye and the Andrew SistersBongo Bongo I Don't Want To Leave the Congo
VolchordsBongo Love
Little Joey and the FlipsBongo Gully
Eli and JancoChica Chica Bongo

Music with Spiney Norman