Spiney Norman playlist for 07/21/2009

LoopDark Matter*
HecubaMiles Away*
Lady Nelson and the LordsMarch of the Fuzzie Wuzzies
DJ FoodColour Beyond Colours*
Optaganally YoursCinabar
Giles Giles and FrippWhy Don't You Just Drop In
Silk FlowersShadows In Daylight*
Darbuki KingsEleven Monkeys*
BoggsPoor Audrey James
Casey DriesesenThe Day Before Halloween*
Lost CountryBaby Let's Go*
Hot ShotsTeen Street*
chris LigonHalfwit*
These Little NothingsRain and Snow*
Rick Estrin and the Night CatsBig Foot*
Charles MansonI'll Never Say Never To Always
Dick DaleWatusi Joe
OrlonsWah Watusi
VibrationsWatusi Time
Ray BerrettoEl Watusi
Hugo and LugiWatusi Wedding
Billy StrangeBecause He Loves to Dance the Watusi
Big WalterWatusi Freeze PT.1
Billy StrangeLuci Watusi
DovellsWatusi With Lucy
OlympicsReturn of the Watusi
Big WalterWatusi Freeze PT.2
ButtonsShimmy Shimmy Watusi
TenderfootsWatusi Woosie Woo
CatDo the Watusi
Miracles with Claudette RobinsonWah Watusi
SinnersGo Go Watusi
RonnettesWah Watusi
Willie RosarioWatusi Boogaloo
Bo DiddleyWatusi Bounce
Rip TidesWah Wahini
PinetoppersShout Bamalama
Junior and the ClassicsDo the Dog
Ram RocksPasha
Mohommed RafiJaan Pehchaan Ho
MorlochHit the Road Jack
Mika MikoTurkey Barnyard Mix*
New York NiggersJust Like Dresden
Mad MikeDo the Hunch
Scot ChapmanSummertime Blues Polka

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