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Deb's Slightly Less Than Random Asian Stuff playlist for 04/05/2009

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
Epik HighLondonMap The Soul*
Cloudancer ft. Kebee헤어지자는 말 (Heyuhjijaneun Mal)A Walk In The Clouds*
DJ Soulscape ft. MC 성천 (Sung Chun)Sign [숨과 꿈 (Soomgwa Ggoom)]180g Beats
CSP ft. DJ Shinin StoneCSPSEE As P
P&QWe AreSupremacy
P&Q내일은 오니까 (Naeireun Ohniggah)Supremacy
P&Q ft. Dok2, E-Sens지켜볼게 (Jikyuhborgeh)Supremacy
화나 (Fana)Rhymonic StormFanatic*
화나 (Fana)Code Name: SOULFanatic*
화나 (Fana)Red SunFanatic*
윤도현 밴드 (Yoon Do Hyun Band)후회 없어 (Hoohweh Ubshi)공존 (Kongjon)*
윤도현 밴드 (Yoon Do Hyun Band)물고기와 자전거 (Moolgohgiwah Jahjunguh)공존 (Kongjon)*
윤도현 밴드 (Yoon Do Hyun Band)무 (Moo)공존 (Kongjon)*
부활 (Boohwal)슬픈 환상 (Seulpeun Hwansang)부활 (Boohwal) Vol. 1
부활 (Boohwal)드나드는 그리움 (Deunadeuneun Keuri'oom)잡념에 관하여… (Jamnyumeh Kwanhayuh...)
부활 (Boohwal)사랑할수록 (Sarangharsoorok)Color CD2
소규모 아카시야 밴드 (Soh Gyu Moh Acacia Band)오직 지금은 너만 (Ohjik Jigeumeun Nuhman)입술이 달빛 (Ipsoori Dalbit)
소규모 아카시야 밴드 (Soh Gyu Moh Acacia Band)슬픈 사랑 노래 (Seulpeun Sarang Norae)입술이 달빛 (Ipsoori Dalbit)
소규모 아카시야 밴드 (Soh Gyu Moh Acacia Band)두꺼비 (Toogguhbi) Acoustic Version입술이 달빛 (Ipsoori Dalbit)
자우림 (Jaoorim)6월 이야기 (June Story)Ashes To Ashes
자우림 (Jaoorim)Seoul BluesAshes To Ashes
자우림 (Jaoorim)Social LifeAll You Need Is Love
이적 (Lee Juk)잘 자… (Good Night)Dead End

Special extended show today, 2 hour long from 8-10 pm, filling in for China Blue

Still in the midst of Radiothon, help keep this station alive by donating whatever you can. Pledge online or call me in the studio at 631-632-6901. No amount is too small. For special listeners that pledge $50, I will personally assemble a Korean Starter Kit full of everything you need to further your interest in all things Korean!

Today's show features some more great new releases, as well as some old favorites. I will play Korean music spanning over 30 years and multiple genres. Tune in to hear a selection of music that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, I guarantee it.