Spiney Norman playlist for 03/09/2009

Bran FlakesHi*
The PunksRock and Roll Punks Rock Rock Roll*
Chris JossZingy Twangs*
Bobby CallendarI'm Just High On Life
Insect SurfersMojave*
SparksLet the Monkey Drive*
Bran FlakesDon Knotts*
Aviador DroEl Retorno De Godzilla
Bogart and the AddictivesWomen in Uniform*
Doug AshdownWhole Lotta Shakin Going On
Black LippsTrapped In a Basement*
RamonesDon't Wanna Go Down To the Basement
MutantsBeach Wolley Mud Party*
Mistress Stephanie & Her Melodic CatAwfully Confusing*
Bran FlakesVan Pop*
Latvian RadioLeaning On a Reason*
Fuzz UnlimitedEvil Twin
Tru Fax and the InsaniacsThe Twin
Deer HoofTwin Killer
Alice CooperClones(we are all)
Joseph KDrone
Black AngelsDrone
soft DisasterDrone and Stutter
Beasts of SeasonsSpirited*
HowliesWalk On Home*
Dex Romenweber DuoLook Out*
Ronnie SelfBop-a-Teen
Black LippsTake My Heart*
The PhantomsNight Beat
The VolcaleersCootie Snap
Dickey Doo and the Don'tsNee Nee Na Na Nu Nu
HarveyAnyway You Wanta
Matt and KimSpare Change*
Bogart and the AddictivesKling Klang Dusseldorf*
Los Campesinos!The End of the Asterish*
Professor Morrison's LolipopYou Got the Love*
El RayCar Hire From Hell*
Wendy O Williams and LemmyStand By Your Man
Angel SlutsWhat They Say*
Hubble BubbleCome With Us
The Dan DeesThink About It
The PandasWalk
The ShimmysGo Go Teen*
Danna GillespeYou Just Gotta Know My Mind
Clyde StacyHoy Hoy
Bran FlakesMr and Mrs Footsie*

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