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Spiney Norman playlist for 02/17/2009

Gabrielle Roth and the MirrorsSpeaking Curves*
Ken NordineFliberty Jib
Now Now Every ChildrenEveryone You Know*
Broken SpindlesIntrovert*
QuitzowCat's R People 2*
UltravoxFrozen Ones
BauhausDark Entries
PsappSomewhere There is A Record of Our Actions*
Jimmy RodgersMule Skinner Blues
FendermenMule Skinner Blues
Latvian RadioLeaning On a Reason*
Cecilin and the Saur KrautsJe Dis Hey*
Ted WeemsHeartaches
CrystalsThe Screw
Ram and SelScrew You
El RayJack the Samurai*
Imperial SurfersTwist Twist*
ShandellsGo Gorilla
Homer Denison JrChickie Run
Phil McLeanChicken
Night HawksChicken Grabber
Hop Wilson and His ChickensChicken Stuff
Scott WoodChicken Rock
Dirt BombsGrandma's Chicken
Titty Twister OrchestraHomicide*
Ken WilliamsTrash Can
CrampsGarbage Man
Roscoe HollandStick Out Your Can
Vox JaguarsSwagger
Mary Mondays and the BitchesPopp Gun
Unrelated SegmentsWhere You Gonna Go
Brian AugerTiger
MudTiger Feet
The Topsy TurbysHey Tiger
Tiger MenTiger Girl
Forbidden TigersForbidden Tigers*
RomeosTiger is Awake
Les PaulHold That Tiger
Dex Romenweber DuoLook Out*
Star ShooterQuelle Crise Baby
MontesasMidnight Beat*
Rav JunkBohman Bohman

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