Oprah's Handbag playlist for 02/22/2013

SluteverSo Prone
San CiscoGolden Revolver
Drunk MumsChitty Chitty
Parquet CourtsStoned and Starving
BananarchieBye Bye Berlin
EasterAlien Babies
Paint FumesSpace Cadet
Dirty ProjectorsHere Til It Says I'm Not
JFGBackseat Driver
Beach FossilsGenerational Synthetic
Ty SegallYou're the Doctor
Harry and the PottersXmas Rules, Voldemort Drools
Alex CalderSuki and Me
Monokle and GalunHappy Sun
Popstrangers AntipodesWitchs Hand
Phil IhedObama Song
Egyptian ProjectTakasim Salama
Dog BiteForever Until
Lost AnimalBeat Goes On
Hi-FashionSprechen Sie Hi-Fashion
Baby Birds Don't Drink MilkLittle George
Lefty Jones BandOld Black Jesus
Mannequin PussySomeone Like You
Acid Baby JesusTomboy
Hunx and his PunxYou Don't Like Rock and Roll
HellshovelWhoever Brought Me Here Will Have to Take Me Home
Paint FumesSchool Days
Sultan BatheryMud