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Everything Is Broken playlist for 01/01/2013

Our featured guest is Stephanie Mann, Executive Director of Safe Kids Now! An author and activist, Stephanie presents workshops and training to help strengthen families and to create peaceful neighborhoods and communities. “We can stay safe, if we know what to do and how to do it.” Stephanie and I will discuss the Newtown, CT tragedy, guns and mental health.

Stephanie Mann has seen it all: drugs, violence, crime, gangs, apathy, poverty and abuse. For 38 years, her reaction has always
been...strengthen families and get the community involved to keep children safe. In her community, residents were waiting for the police to stop teen drug abuse and burglaries. Without a local police department…volunteers spearheaded the "Neighborhood Responsibility"
program. Within 2+ years, residents cut crime in half. That experience launched her career as a crime prevention specialist. She
co-authored, "Alternative to Fear." Stephanie’s books include:
"Alternatives to Fear: Guidelines to Safer Neighborhoods” which helped
popularize “Neighborhood Watch.”
"Safe Homes Safe Neighborhoods: Stopping Crime where You Live" (Nolo Press).
“Street Safe Kids” a 10-step guide to help youth develop self-esteem
and stay centered.”
“The Adopt-A-Block Guidebook: 10-Steps to a safe and healthy Neighborhood.”

Stephanie appeared on Bill Moyer’s PBS Special, “Solutions to
Violence” and has been a frequent guest on radio and television with
over 130 appearances. She is also a keynote speaker and trainer.

Her articles have appeared in many national publications.

Her Safe Kids Now website offers books, podcast blog, teleconference
calls, videos, articles, inspiration and links to help citizens,
neighborhoods, organization and community groups take charge of health
and safety!

Stephanie presents workshops and offered training to help
strengthening families and create peaceful neighborhoods and
communities. We can stay safe, if we know what to do and how to do it.

Facebook www.facebook.com/stephanie.mann
Twitter www.twitter.com/beyondneigwatch
Blog www.safekidsnow.blogspot.com
Book www.safekidsnow.com/adoptablock.html
Book www.safekidsnow.com/streetsafekids.html
Book www.safekidsnow.com/alttofear.html
Articles http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Stephanie_L._Mann

Our Senior Florida Correspondent, Steven Wiehe, will check in from West Palm.

For our music … some great blues from Sonny Boy Williamson.