High Technology Radio playlist for 05/31/2012

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Link
boredomssuper shinesuper are
your dj speaks
flaming lips w/ yoko ono and the plastic ono banddo it!the flaming lips and heady fwends*
sean lennoninto the suninto the sun
Yoko Ono-Plastic Ono Bandwaiting for the d trainbetween my head and the sky
imperial tiger orchestrache belewethio event #1*
your dj speaks
the maltese falconsmaltese falconmaltese falcons*freemusicarchive.org
yair yonakottke and the orchidsworld behind curtains*
john faheyyou gonna miss meyour past comes back to haunt you*
godzwhite cat heatcontact high
ed askewmy dreamask the unicorn
the almighty defenders30 second air blastthe almighty defenders
your dj speaks
public image ltdthis is PiLthis is PiL*
lancelot link and the evolution revolutionlancelot link themes/t
mehr pooyaghabileh-ye lilypsych funk 101
the human expressionreadin' your willlove at psychedelic velocity (reissue)
banquet of the spiritszaphaniahcaym: book of angels vol. 17*
bappi laharidisco title music from dahshatbollywood bloodbath*
luv you madly orchestramoon maiden (12" mix)jungle music - mixed with love:essential and unreleased remixes 1976-1986
 your dj speaks
john frusciantesong to the sirensthe empyrean
abba gergandoninezju meghdemishilan n-tenere: guitar music from western sahel
dungenen gang i ar kom de ten tartio bitar
rufus harleyswing low sweet chariota tribute to courage
yiddish swing orchestrathe bridegroom specialoz almog and shatel - kosher nostra - jewish gangsters greatest hits*
theodore bikela finf-un-tsvantsigersings yiddish theatre and folk songs
your dj speaks
the jelly beansi wanna love him so badthe red bird story
lulu reedwhat makes you so coldr&b hipshakers: teach me to monkey
lyn collinswheels of lifethink (about it)
shannon and the clamsthe cult songsleep talk*
lloyd thaxtonimage of a surferpebbles vol. 4 - surf
rod and the msr singersbeat the trapsthe american song-poem anthology
that three sunsdanny's infernothe history of space age pop vol. 3
your dj speaks
mission of burmaacademy fight songsignals calls and marches
the clashevery little bit hurtsclash on broadway

Chris Phillips filling in for Bro Bill