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The Rock and Roll Dance Party playlist for 05/01/2012

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Label
Bo DiddleyHuckleberry Bush Hully Hully GullyBo Diddley Is An OutlawChecker
Wild Bill Taylor & the ClefsLittle Jewel7"Fame
ReekersDon't Call Me Flyface7"Ru Jac
CrampsHuman Fly7"Vengeance
WhashoutsTeenage WashoutI Was A Teenage WashoutGolly Gee
Stompin' Riff RaffsBizzarre7"Sleazy
BrentwoodsGo Get BentFun In South CityRadio X
Elroy Dietzel & his Rhythm BanditsTeenage Ball7"Bo-Kay
Sabres w/Louis GittensMy Hot Mama7"Kat
Bloodshot BillRight Out The Door7"Transistor 66
SensationsWild Cat7"Draeger
TrashmenWild Cat Loose In TownBird Call!Sunsdazed
Chuck BerryDear Dad7"Chess
Uncle Charlie ComboFireball7"Cab
Raging TeensPretty Brown EyesRock n' Roll PartyRubric
Hipbone Slim & the Knee TremblersSquare GuitarSquare GuitarBeast
Sam Thomas & the ValaneersThe Bowling TwistTwistin' TimeKnight
CavemenBowling Alley OopThe Big ItchMr. Manicotti
VicarsI Feel AlrightI Wanna Be Your VicarDirty Water
B-StarsInk Free BabyBehind The Barn With...Rust Belt
SlapbacksAll I Wanna DoRacin' And Rockin'Rhythm Bomb
HoedownersCountry CatHoedown JamboreeGoofin'
Link Wray & his WraymenDance ContestGuitar Great Hits By...Vermillion
(Original) Rhyhm RockersMadness7"Square
Spider FeverDon't Let Death Get In The Ways/tWindian
XYXAnel And Her Problem7"SS
3D KidsNervous Reaction7"no label
BoysI Don't Cares/tNems
LouderGet Out7"Episode Sounds
Sex CultPlain Jane7"Nashville's Dead
HussyOh YeahSaytanKind Turkey
Mark SultanAxis AbraxisWhatever I WantIn The Red
NothingUniformz7"Wide Awake Musik
X-DiscosFix My Braainwash7"Episode Sounds
AvengersCar Crash7"Dangerhouse
JerksHold My Hand7"Underground
60 Second SwingersLonely And Blue7"Howlin' Banana
TransistorsStatic ControlShortwaveno label
CobrateensGet Awaydemono label
MaxinesDrug Store7"K
King TuffHole In My Head7"Suicide Squeeze
PizzasRock n' Roll Radio7"Sacramento
TeenangerBank AccountFrightsTelephone Explosion
White LoadNarrow AislesWayne's World 3/Godfather 4Load
TriumphsSurfside Date7"IFF
Stringrays of Springfield, IllinoisMad Surfer7"Ray
Armitage ShanksLouie Louie Music7"Little Teddy
Psycho-SurgeonsHorizontal Action7"Wallaby Beat
feedtimeGarbage ScowToday Is FridaySS
MachinesTrue Life7"Wax
BeezDo The Suicide7"Edible
RiotsSell Out7"Time For Action
Personal & the PizzasBrain Damage7"Oops Baby
RamonesLocket LoveRocket To RussiaSire
LimitUh Ohs/tCheap Rewards
LemonheadsGotta StopHate Your FriendsTaang!
RetrosThis GirlInner City RockersBDR
SpitsElectric BrainSpits VIn The Red
Cheap TimeAnother TimeWallpaper MusicIn The Red
Secret ProstitutesLudah Dimatmu7"Ken Rock
Nipple ErectorsSo Pissed OffBops, Babes, Booze And BovverBig Beat
ControllersAnother Days/tBacchus Archives
New CokeHe Got Stabbed In The Throat7"no label
Nasal BoysHot Love7"Periphery Perfume
Flip-TopsHate My Guts...Are Still A BandBachelor
NobunnyLa La La La Loce You7"Suicide Squeeze
Culture KidsI Can't Take It Anymores/tMake A Mess
Oh No'sMollyMaximum TrashSki Mask
Primitive HeartsHideawaydemono label
Estrogen HighsGrass Of LeavesIrrelevant FutureTrouble In Mind
CyclopsEye Can't Take It7"Bachelor

'got a garbage brain, it's drivin' me insane'