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Friday Night Free-Form playlist for 12/16/2011

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The tyranny of choice!

Tracks featured...

ACID BABY JESUS - Why Aren't You Laughing Now, ASTEROID SHOP - Destroyer, CAVEMAN - Thankful, DANGEROUS PONIES - We, DARKNESS FALLS - 100 Meter Mind Dash, DIVA - Highest Cloud, DJ CAM + SEVEN - California dreamin, GRINGO STAR - beatnick angel georgie, HAPPY JAWBONE FAMILY BAND - FRESH GASH, HIGHER STATE - Everything I See, OHBIJOU - The Dreaming, PLASTIC FLOWERS - She Learned The Best Way, PRAGUEDREN - Helical, PRAGUEDREN - Moving Outward, PRAGUEDREN - Fields and Haze, ROBBERS ON HIGH STREET - Hollow Hill, SKOAL KODIAK - Teapot, SKOAL KODIAK - Hollidazzle, SKOAL KODIAK - Pinomage, SKOAL KODIAK - Sciswell, SKOAL KODIAK - Borrower, SOFT MOON - Total Decay, SOLARAM - When She Falls, SOMEONE STILL LOVES YOU BORIS YELTSIN - Song 1000, THE CASEWORKER - Boats, THE FLOWER MACHINE - Traveling By Trampoline, THE STRANGE FLOWERS - Underground Underground, THREE 4 TENS - R.U.B.A, TOTAL CONTROL - See More Glass, TYCHO - A Walk, TYCHO - Adrift, VOLEBEATS - I'm Not Gonna Change My Mind, WIDOWSPEAK - Nightcrawlers, YOUNG PRISMS - Eleni