Clam Radio playlist for 11/03/2011

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Label
Scott WilsonTreat Acne For Crocodiles9th Configuration
Monty PythonCrocodile OlympicsThe Final Rip Off
Brian RiveraAs The First Sign Of Panic...Tell Me Why Thenf/x
Steve MartinCruel ShoesComedy Is Not Pretty
ZappaBeauty Knows No PainCrush All Boxes
?Age And Make UpVinyl
Christian BaleCleaning HimselfAmerican Psycho
Jill SobuleSomewhere In New MexicoPink Pearl
Tom WaitsGun Street GirlRain Dogs
Bossa Nova beatniksThe High And Mighty11 - 11 -11*
The SpecialsGangstersSingle Collection
Louis JordanJack You're DeadBest Of
TabaccoHit Man From HicksvilleIt Wuz And Still Late Octobra
Jim's Big EgoStressNo Place Like Nowhere
Celestial NavigationsThe OptimistRoad Train
Susan DeVitaTeddy Take Me To The CityThe Kama Sutra Rodeo*
TubesWhat Do You Want From LifeThe Tubes
Beginning Of The DayBeginning Of The DayBeginning Of The Day*
Frank ZappaDong Work For YudaJoe's Garage
Burgess ShaleNo DuhIt's Never Enough
TabaccoPat Can't Find The HoleGo Figya*
Phoebe LegereHot Sicilian Pizza BoyOoh La La Coq Tail
David GreenbergerSkein A DayHow I Became Uncertain*
David GreenbergerFree Bus PassHow I Became Uncertain*
David GreenbergerYelled UpHow I Became Uncertain*
Ken NordineCellophaneWink*
David GreenbergerSandwichHow I Became Uncertain
Leroy Holmesi Wanna Be A James Bond GirlOdd Job Man

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