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RIP Felipito Palacios

Andre Michot on FINN's REVOLUTION

FROM DJ FINN Tonight on Finn's Revolution at 7:00 PM, we celebrate Fat Tuesday with some rollicking tunes to accompany that gumbo. At 8:00 PM ANDRE MICHOT of New Orleans' own LOST BAYOU RAMBLERS joins us to talk about their 2018 Grammy win and their Mardi Gras gig in Patchogue this Friday! For more information, visit: http://www.patchoguetheatre.org/event/Mardi-Gras-Night-Featuring-The-Lost-Bayou-Ramblers-The-HooDoo-Loungers/7425

Steve Hackett on WAXX TRAXX TO THE MAXX - Feb 14

From DJ VERLANE HELL of WAXX TRAXX TO THE MAXX Please tune in at 8 p.m. on February 14th for my interview with Steve Hackett followed by conversations with Donna Halper and Bob Buchman formerly of WBAB Long Island's classic rock station... Of course we'll have some tunes from Bad Company ,Rush and J Geils Band. With my co-host Rockin Robin and my Adventures from cruise to the edge You can also watch the interview below.