"10 Cloverfield Lane" Director Discusses J.J.Abrams and John Goodman on Tom Needham's The Sounds of Film.

10 Cloverfield Lane director, Dan Trachtenberg, will be Tom Needham's special guest this Thursday (June 15) on the Sounds of Film at 6 P.M. on WUSB. He will be discussing what it was like to work with legendary producer J.J. Abrams and actor John Goodman. In addition, Trachtenberg will be sharing insights into his unique collaboration with composer Bear McCreary, whose score will be featured on the program.

Chick Corea Special - Sunday, June 12. 4-7 PM

Mr. Edison is hosting another special on Jazz On The Air. This time it will be a celebration of Chick Corea's 75th birthday for 3 hours on Jazz On The Air. Starting at 4:00p.m. and ending at 7:00.

Congressman Robert Mrazek and director Rory Kennedy on Sounds of Film - June 9, 6:00 - 10:00 PM.

Congressman Robert Mrazek and director Rory Kennedy will be Tom Needham's special guests on the Sounds of Film this Thursday, June 9th at 6:00 P.M. on WUSB.

Former Long Island Congressman Robert Mrazek is the writer and director of The Congressman, a political satire starring Treat Williams, George Haamilton, Elizabeth Marvel and Ryan Merriman.

Also on the program is Emmy-winning director Rory Kennedy. She will be discussing her documentary Ethel.

For more information, visit: http://www.longisland.com/news/06-08-16/robert-mrazek-rory-kennedy-inter...

This Thursday on Dialogos Radio: Bestselling author and investigative journalist Greg Palast

This week on the Dialogos Radio season finale, the Dialogos Interview Series will feature an exclusive interview with New York Times bestselling author, filmmaker, investigative reporter, and economist Greg Palast, who will speak to us about his upcoming crowdsourced documentary film project (“The Best Democracy Money Can Buy”) and his investigation into electoral fraud and the stealing of the vote in the United States Elections. In addition, Palast will analyze the latest developments in Latin America, including the Puerto Rican debt crisis, the impeachment of Brazil’s president, the new government of Argentina, and the economic woes faced by Venezuela. Finally, Palast will discuss the latest set of austerity measures passed by the Greek government and will share his analysis as to why he believes that Greece must, even now, depart from the Eurozone.

Tune in for this exclusive interview, plus Dialogos Radio’s commentary of the week and some great Greek music, this Thursday at 2 pm on WUSB and wusb.fm!

Say "No!" To Architecture returns to WUSB - Fri May 27, 9:00 PM

Tune in tomorrow at 9pm as Say "No!" to Architecture. returns to WUSB!